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what to expect

Once we arrive at your residence and do an initial walk through, discussing questions you might have, treatment forms are given to you to complete while we proceed to measure the space to verify the exact square footage. Once measured it’s time to go over the forms with you, take payment and begin setting up our equipment.

Within an hour of arrival the heating equipment is set up and already heating your residence, kill temps can be reached in as little as 20 minutes after set up thanks to our safe state of the art heating equipment and high powered air movers!

The high powered air movers evenly distribute the heat around your entire residence, hitting every square inch that other treatment options fail to hit. There is simply no place for bed bugs to run under these conditions.

We use 2 different types of heat monitoring devices to monitor the temperature of every inch of your home during the bed bug heat treatment. This enables us to see if any cold spots are present and adjust our air movers as necessary to ensure even heating and an effective treatment. This is why we are able to offer a 1 year warranty, by far the best in the industry!

Once the lethal temperature of 125 degrees (this is stage 1) is maintained in every nook and cranny of the residence the temperature is then maintained for 4 hours (most companies do 3 hours but we’ve had a 99% success rate going an extra hour). At 2 hours into treatment we steam all beds, couches, pillows, upholstered furniture and cracks and crevices with dry steam reaching over 350 degrees, this is stage 2

Before leaving your home we vacuum all the dead bugs and proceed to dry steam again (this is stage 3). The reason we do a 3 stage treatment as opposed to 2 stage, and heat the residence for 4 hours instead of 3 hours, which is what the competitors do, is because we understand the nightmare of having to deal with bed bugs and it is our number one priority to end this nightmare once and for all, the first time no shortcuts! 99% success rates can only be achieved using our time tested 3 stage signature heat process, a win win for us and the customer!