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FAQ | Bed Bugs


Q: How did I get bed bugs?
Ans: The answer to this question surprises a lot of folks. Here’s the truth, Bed Bugs are Master Hitchhikers, and it only takes one Mature Female that has mated to cause an infestation in your home. This female lays up to 5 eggs in a single day, so you can see how before long an infestation has occurred. No one is immune to Bed Bugs and it’s certainly not your fault that they have hitchhiked into your home. Bed Bugs don’t discriminate.

Q: How long will it take to get rid of the infestation?
Ans: 4-12 hours. Depending on the size of dwelling.

Q: Do you guarantee your service?
Ans: Yes we do! We want to make sure that your bed bug nightmare is a thing of the past. That’s why we offer the best warranty in the business at 1 year. If for some rare reason you find bugs after we treat your home we will come back and retreat for no additional cost.

Q: Will the heat damage my home?
Ans: No. By gently bringing your dwelling up to the desired heat and closely monitoring temperatures we ensure that your home and belongings are safe and protected.

Q: I don’t want my neighbors to know I have bed bugs, is your service discreet?
Ans: We will Never discuss your bed bug problem with anyone. We value our privacy and we certainly value yours. If the neighbors corner us we tell them we are treating a leak and drying it out with heat. Our vehicles and clothing are unmarked.

Q: Do you guarantee the best price?
Ans: Yes. If you happen to find a lower price than our lowest offer (not likely) then please submit that bid to us and we will beat it by 10%. We have to live up to our name and promise, BEST PRICE bed bug treatment.